Development of polymer base composite revetment units using Panasqueira mine coarse wastes


The objective of this thesis was the development of a polymeric base unit
using coarse mining wastes of Panasqueira mining quarries, having physical and mechanical
characteristics to fulfill CE marking, in accordance with EN 13748-2 standard, as well
as having adequate color, brightness and texture for architectural applications. This type of
unit will allow recycling and add value to Panasqueira quarries, at low cost and low energy
consumption, considering the technological process to produce it.
A literature review regarding polymeric composite materials is presented, namely, types of
composite materials and its applications in Civil Engineering, advantages, natural polymers
and artificial polymers, advantageous and disadvantageous.
An experimental program was developed. Physical, chemical, mechanical and geometrical
characteristics of coarse mining waste materials were studied, as well as the polymeric
To proceed with the development of the units, the advantages and disadvantages of the initial
prototypes has been studied, particularly its shape and production method, taking into
account an optimal resin content for best physical and mechanical characteristics, color and
brightness, as well as the size and color of mining wastes. After completion of initial prototypes,
units were to necessary tests for eventual CE marking. The tests carried out were
the following: Breaking strength; Compressive strength; Abrasion resistance; Slip/Skid resistance;
Weathering resistance; through the assays of Water absorption and Freeze/thaw
resistance; Fire performance and Thermal conductivity.
Finally, after concluding the development of polymeric based units, results of testing were
analyzed in order to compare its performance with the requirements of standard EN 13748-
2, for external use

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of Cláudia Sofia Rodrigues Antunes 2009.

Dissertação Cláudia Antunes 2009


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