Physical properties of geopolymeric mortars obtained from Panasqueira mining waste mud

The reuse of Panasqueira Mine waste mud in geopolymeric materials, contributes to reduce the
negative environmental impact of deposit in dams, and as cement replacement contributes to
the decrease the level of emissions of greenhouse gases.
This work is part of a research work to develop of an element (mortar) geopolymer-based waste
mud of Panasqueira mines for use in building walls, in order to improve the energy performance
of the building envelop.
In the characterization of materials for the geopolymer mortar, it was found that there was need
to increase the specific surface of waste mud in order to increase its reactivity and consequently
improve the performance of mechanical strength. Two ways to increase the specific surface area
were adopted: calcination before grinding and grinding after calcination, being the second the
best way.
In preparing the mixture software ALKALI was used for calculating the alkaline activators for a
given mass of the precursor.
Physical and mechanical properties were also studied. It was found that for the conditions that
optimize the mechanical strength, workability is low and the use of an air entrainment agent
originates more compact mixes but does not alter significantly the workability. The addition of
water had the best effect. The geopolymer mortar was highly bending strength but at early ages,
lower than the cement mortar, while in the compressive strength the opposite was verified.
Thermal testing of cement and geopolymer mortars showed test the second has better
performance, presenting higher thermal resistance and lower thermal conductivity.

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of João Da Cruz Sequeira Centeio, 2011

Dissertação João Centeio 2011



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