Development of porous bituminous mixtures impregnated with geopolymer


This work presents a laboratory study of porous bituminous mixes impregnated with cement and geopolymers grouts. The study is aimed at the knowledge of the composition and main properties of this type of mixtures.
The contribution presented in this paper is part of the area of knowledge of semi-flexible pavements pavements impregnated with Portland cement (grouted macadams). As is well known the grouted macadams have application in asphalt pavements subject to high load traffic and the most common application fields are industrial areas, harbors, airports, roads and parking areas of heavy traffic and also hangars.
As an innovation and as an alternative to Portland cement, were produced porous mixtures impregnated with geopolymer binders obtained from mud waste from a local tungsten mine. Thus, the experimental part was the production in laboratory of bituminous mixtures impregnated with cement Portland grouts and geopolymer binders. Initially we developed porous asphalt with 25% of voids combined with different gradations aggregates and different bitumen contents. The mechanical properties of porous asphalt were determined using the Los Angeles abrasion (Cantabro test). The fluidity of the grouts was determined by March Cone. The properties of semi-flexible bituminous mixes impregnated with cement and geopolymers were characterized using Indirect Tensile tests and Simple Compression tests.
From the analysis of the results, according to this study conditions, it is not possible to conclude that the impregnation with geopolymer binders is advantageous compared to using Portland cement. However, it appears that there is a great potential for the use of alternative grouts to Portland cement as the case of geopolymers made from mining waste, with environmental and economic advantages.

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of Maria Ana Abreu Dias da Silva Carloto, 2011.

Dissertação Maria Carloto 2011



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