Laboratory study of grouted macadams impregnated with mine waste geopolymeric binder


A new type of pavement has been gaining popularity over the last few years in Europe. It comprises a surface course with a semi-flexible material that provides significant advantages in comparison to both concrete and conventional asphalt, having both rut resistance and a degree of flexibility. It also provides good protection against the ingress of water to the foundation, since it has an impermeable surface.
The semi-flexible material, generally known as grouted macadam, comprises an open-graded asphalt skeleton with 25% to 35% voids into which a cementitious slurry is grouted. This hybrid mixture provides good rut resistance and a surface highly resistant to fuel and oil spillage. Such properties allow it to be used in industrial areas, airports and harbours, where those situations are frequently associated with heavy and slow traffic.
Grouted Macadams constitute a poorly understood branch of pavement technology and have generally been relegated to a role in certain specialist pavements whose performance is predicted on purely empirical evidence. Therefore, the main objectives of this project were related to better understanding the properties of this type of material, in order to predict its performance more realistically and to design pavements incorporating grouted macadam more accurately.
Based on a standard mix design, several variables were studied during this project in order to characterise the behaviour of Grouted Macadams in general, and the influence of those variables on the fundamental properties of the final mixture.
In this research project, one approach was used to the design of pavements incorporating Grouted Macadams: a traditional design method, based on laboratory determined of the stiffness modulus and the compressive strength.

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of Riccardo Ricci , 2012.

Dissertation Riccardo Ricci 2012



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