Alkali-activation of Panasqueira mining waste mud incorporating grounded waste glass


Development of geopolymers by reusing waste mud from Panasqueira mining allows to
reduce the environmental impact caused by its deposit on surface and reduce the emissions
of greenhouse gases by developing an alternative to Portland cement.
This dissertation presents a study on the feasibility of alkali activation of waste mud
(from Panasqueira mining) blended with ground waste glass.
The study consisted in the production of geopolimeric mixes with different
percentagens of waste mud and ground waste glass in order to assess the alkaline activation
synthesis and mechanical strength gain. Thus, the study was carried on with natural waste
mud (as deposit) and waste mud with heat treatment (calcinated), and better mechanical
behavior was found out when using natural waste mud.
Initially, a characterization of precursor materials was carried on, in order to better
understand its physical and chemical properties.
A software was developed to analyze and obtain the molar quantities of materials
required for production of the mixtures.
The mechanical properties of mortar was evaluated by using compressive strength
testing and formation of organic compounds was analysed by FTIR.
The mixtures were produced using waste mud percentages between 60% and 100%
over the ground glass, cured under controlled conditions, with temperatures of 20°C and
60°C, with and without moisture exchange with the environment.
The higher compressive strngth (65 MPa at 28 days of age) were achieved for samples
containing 20% ground glass, which shows that this was the optimal composition obtained in
this work.
It was concluded that mortars produced with percentages less than 25% ground glass
exhibit a very good mechanical behavior, however mortars with ground galss percentage less
than 5% showed an slow alkaline activation synthesis

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of José Miguel Rocha Filipe , 2013.

Dissertation José Filipe 2013


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