Emulsion based mixes using 100% mining wastes, for low traffic roads in rural areas


In this work the composition of a emulsion based bituminous mixe was studied using 100% recycled waste materials of wolfram mines (Panasqueira Mine, located at Centre Region of Portugal). Physical and mechanical characteristics of this mixe and its low cost, was considered to be an adequate solution in pavement of roads having low traffic volume, namely municipal and rural roads. The use of waste materials of Panasqueira as replacement of natural aggregates, in bituminous mixtures, as it is considered in this work, constitutes a partial solution for the consumption of the millions of tons of wastes deposited, thus reducing the environmental impact and as well reducing the production cost of the bituminous mix.

This emulsion based bituminous mix, because of its low cost, is presented to local councils as a cheaper solution for maintenance, improvement and pavement of secundary roads, namely municipal roads in rural areas.

The option for a cold open mix is justified by the lesser energy consumption and by the increasing interest on the problems of environmental pollution. Moreover, the cold technology, based on the emulsion use, has had an increasing evolution all over Europe, following chemical improvement of such products and offer different type of emulsions, providing technicians with an efficient, versatile and economic instrument.

As for the laboratorial work, a physical and mechanical characterization was performed on local natural aggregates and on the waste materials of Panasqueira mine. Several trial mixes were manufactured and compacted using different emulsion contents, controlling its properties with cantabro and permeability tests, to obtain optimal proportions.

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of Marisa Sofia Fernandes Dinis de Almeida, 2003.


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