High–value of urban and industrial wastes in cementitious composites


Studies for the feasibility of using recycled glass and ceramics in cementitious composites were carried out at CMADE. The importance of this study deals with the need to find viable alternatives for replacements of natural aggregate materials, which are scarce, and to reduce the residues deposited in landfill, thus reducing the environmental impact and allowing a more sustainable development.

The glass and ceramic wastes were studied as a partial replacement of cement in mortar. In concretes, glass waste was studied as a partial or total substitute of natural sand.

The experimental work was developed by studying the fresh and hardened properties of mortars and concretes, through the determination of consistency, compressive mechanical strength and evaluation of durability parameters. This evaluation was conducted by measuring the expansion of mortar and concrete bars. In case of concrete mixtures this evaluation was completed by capillarity absorption test, water and air permeability test.

From the experimental results, it was possible to conclude about the technical viability to produce pozzolans materials using this wastes. It was also concluded about the viability to use the glass waste as a partial or total replacement of the natural sand. The physical characteristics and limits of incorporation of waste materials as pozzolan and as replacement fine aggregates of natural sand were determined in this dissertation.

Master Dissertation in Rehabilitation and Construction Environment of Pedro Miguel Silva Santos, 2008.


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