2006-2008: VALREMIN – Valorisation of mining waste

valremin logo

PRIME-IDEIA Project Nº 70/0054 (2006-2008)

Summary: The main goal of this project consisted in a scientific and technologic study to develop new products in the field of concrete prefabricated using schist mining waste materials (coarse aggregate and mud contaminated with iron sulphides) from the Panasqueira quarry located in the Covilhã Council. This work was developed between the University of Beira Interior (UBI) located at the same Council as the Panasqueira quarry and the enterprise Patrimart (Industry of concrete prefabricated) located in the Castelo Branco district the same of UBI and Panasqueira quarry. University of Minho is also associated with the project. This project intended to evaluate the economic and environmental feasibility of this type of waste in concrete products and new innovative products compatible with waste properties and uses. UBI will was responsible to the research of physical and mechanical properties as well as the durability and environmental performance of new products developed. Patrimart studied technologic factors, production constrains and quality, as well as commercialization related aspects.


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