Experimental study on the GEOGREEN modular system using polymer composites with residues from the Panasqueira mines


Experimental study about the modular GEOGREEN system using polymeric composites with Panasqueira mine waste
The present study had the main objective of explore the possibility to create an option to the modular GEOGREEN system. The modular GEOGREEN system is produced with a mortars geopolymeric binder. In this work was developed an experimental study of the same system, as an option, produced with a polymeric composite incorporating Panasqueira Mine wastes.
The development of option was made from a perspective of environmental sustainability, namely, by the incorporation of mine waste and cork waste. Is analyzed the importance of economic sustainability, and sociocultural in the proposed option, by taking advantage of modern technology in the context of polymeric composites. It also presented the method of choice of the materials used and production procedures performed, according to the purpose of developing polymeric composite.
Taking into consideration the production cost be the more reduced as possible, the visual aspect of the piece desired, as well as good performance for its purpose, the experimental development of this study took account the following aspects/phases: optimizing the amount of resin, choice of aggregates granulometry (residues), incorporation of cork in the mix, obtaining different surface finishes, as well as, analysis of the mechanical behavior and determination of other physical properties, such as the water permeability.

Master Dissertation in Civil Engineering-Construction of João Luis Rocha Teixeira, 2013.

Dissertação João Teixeira C-MADE 2013


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