Top 10th C-MADE paper in SCMT4- 4th International Conference on Sustainability Construction Materials and Technologies


The 4th international conference in Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies (SCMT4) was held in August 7- 11, 2016, in Las Vegas, USA.

The SCMT4 conference scientific program was feature topics of the latest research and development in all different materials. The conference themes include

– Carbon Credits.
– Carbon Dioxide Sequestration.
– Designing structures with sustainable materials.
– Embodied energy from production.
– End of life-materials that can be demounted/deconstructed and reused or recycled.
– Energy requirements for transport and use.
– Energy management during construction.
– Energy management during use of the buildings and infrastructures.
– Greenhouse gas reduction.
– Life cycle analysis.
– Making construction materials durable.
– Maintaining quality and durability while achieving sustainability.
– Maintenance and repair technologies for sustainability of buildings and infrastructure.
– Mass balance – sources and final destinations of materials.
– New materials production and construction technologies using innovative materials.
– Recycling of municipal solid waste.
– Combustion ashes.
– Sustainability, quality, and public perception.
– Use of recyclable by-products in construction materials.
– Innovative and non-traditional materials.

The paper entitled: Energy saving potential of cement based mortar containing hybrid phase change materials applied in building envelopes by M.Kheradmand, M.Azenha, J. Castro-Gomes, and J. Aguiar was judged by the SCMT4 awards committee to be an outstanding paper presented at the 4th international conference in Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies.


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