Doctorate student of University of Mostaganem – Algeria, was hosted at C-MADE/UBI

Tourkia Guerzou, doctorate student of University of Mostaganem – Algeria, was hosted at C-MADE/UBI from February to March 2017. Her stay was mainly to carry on laboratory testing related with her research which topic is entitled as “Influence of pre-saturation of recycled aggregates on the behavior of concrete”.

Tourkia has presented her research results and discussed with the doctorate researchers group all work that she has done up to now. Several ideas were exchanged about the efficiency and applications of the concrete made with recycled aggregates and some methods that improve the aggregates proprieties were also shown.

At C-MADE/UBI Tourkia carried on mercury intrusion porosimetry testing (MIP), thermal gravimetry analysis (TGA) and concrete permeability test. At Optical centre COPTICA/UBI she studied the microstructure of her samples through scanning electron microscope (SEM). The research work was supervised by João Castro-Gomes and supported staff members Jorge Bento and Ana Paula Gomes.


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