DARKCO2 business idea was awarded by TAKE-OFF contest

DARKCO2 business idea developed by C-MADE won the entrepreneurship contest promoted under the TAKE-OFF Project – Building Global Technology Entrepreneurs for Advanced Materials. “DARKCO2” was chosen by the “HighTecMaterials Entrepreneurship Award, Pitch for Investors – International Financing Round”, which was attended by 17 entrepreneurs, responsible for presenting 10 business ideas.

“DARKCO2” was proposed by the professor of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering (DECA-UBI), João Castro Gomes, who is also coordinator of the Research Center “C-MADE Center of Materials and Building Technologies”.

The project aims to implement an industrial unit for the design, development, and testing of solutions and prototypes of pre-industrial products. It is intended that, afterward, they are transferred to companies and industrial partners, which in turn will put them on the market. It is based on a technology developed and recently patented by UBI, which is under the national and international registration process. DARKCO2 technology uses CO2 as a resource to create solutions with applications in the areas of the environment, infrastructure and buildings. It allows the development of solutions and prototypes based on the reuse of industrial waste and by-products, which harden with the absorption of carbon dioxide under certain conditions of humidity, temperature, and pressure.



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Full Professor in Civil Engineering

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