CO2LLECT – CO2 collector filter project awarded by Fundação La Caixa / BPI

The project for a CO2 collection system in the chimneys of the lime and biomass power plants, developed by C-MADE/UBI, is one of the winners of the most recent edition of the “Promove Regiões Fronteiriças” 2019 competition, promoted by the La Caixa Foundation / BPI. The CO2LLECT idea was developed by the students of the Integrated Master in Architecture, Janine Ayoub and Mantas Sevelkovas, and by the Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, João Castro Gomes, having been selected for its innovative characteristics, potential for replicability and ability to contribute to the development of border regions of Portugal.

The project proposes the installation of a CO2 collector filter directly in the chimneys of the industries. Carbon dioxide will be collected through this filter that works using industrial production itself, being directed to safe storage, and then to be distributed for other uses. The company will be able to capitalize on natural carbon dioxide on the market, selling it to the toothpaste, beer and fuel manufacturing industries. It can also be used for health products, food preservation or fire fighting, among other applications.

The companies that install the filters can also benefit from tax cuts, become more sustainable, improve the public image and contribute to increasing the quality of life of the population living close to the industry, in addition to promoting the fight to increase the effect greenhouse gases on the planet.

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