C-MADE is a newly formed research Centre of University of Beira Interior (UBI), developing fundamental and applied research in the fields of materials, building and construction technologies. C-MADE research activities are centralized on the development of innovative building products and solutions, more durable, having better mechanical behaviour, being environmentally sustainable and energy efficient.

Thus, the focal point of C-MADE is the research on “environmentally sustainable building materials and technologies”.

Currently, the centre is very committed to innovation in specific domains, as follows:

a) sustainable new binder-based composites,
b) technologies for sustainable construction,
c) mechanical behaviour and durability of materials,
d) technologies for building energy saving and rehabilitation,
e) high-value use of wastes,

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University of Beira Interior
6201-001 COVILHÃ
Phone number: +351 275 329 996/0
Fax number: +351 275 329 969

C-MADE is located at University of Beira Interior in the city of Covilhã, centre of Portugal.
One can reach to Covilhã city by car, bus or train.
Nearest airports are located at Lisbon, Oporto and Madrid.
There are daily trains or bus services from those cities to Covilhã.
See more details at: www.cp.pt and www.rede-expressos.pt
Traveling by car one can reach to Covilhã through A23 motorway or through “Serra da Estrela” mountain.
Geographical coordinates for gps mobile systems: 40 16′ 42.46″ N, 7 30′ 42.44″ W

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